Mi CASA receives praise: Positive Outlier series

In September, 2019, a report highlighted Mi C.A.S.A. as it declared Gridley Union School District as a “positive outlier” in California.  The district was recognized for excelling at helping African American, Latino/a, and White students achieve at high levels on new assessments of academic standards in English language arts and mathematics, after accounting for students’ socioeconomic status.  Mi C.A.S.A. education was a key component mentioned in the report, contributing to the positive outcomes in GUSD.  Here is an excerpt from the report:

“In addition to the range of interventions and supports for student learning in Gridley’s schools, the Mi C.A.S.A. after-school program provides additional tutoring to approximately 80 students. Mi C.A.S.A. is located in Gridley’s Farm Labor Housing Development, a county-run camp primarily for migrant workers and their families. Initially funded by Gridley Unified School District and, for a time, through the county office of education, the Mi C.A.S.A. program began in 2000, motivated by the need to address the persistently low levels of achievement of students living at the camp.  Since 2004, the program has been supported by the Butte County Housing Authority and a range of community and private sources…”

Read the full report here (with Mi C.A.S.A. highlighted on page 23).