Summer Camp 2022

While Covid-19 is still among us- we can’t forget about Summer! This year we continued with our Summer program with a twist. While last years program was very educational, this year our main focus was to make the program interactive. We begin the day at 8:30 with breakfast and move to our groove with music time. Here the students “wake up!” We sing and dance to songs like itsy bitsy spider, Jack Hartman, and musical chairs. After music time, we do Story Time, in story time, the students familiarize themselves with classical fairytales such as Goldilocks and The 3 Little Bears, The 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood. They then proceed to turn it into a play and act it out in front of their peers. After the students will have a light snack and engage in physical education. Once they have finished p.e. they come inside and focus on Art. After art time the day ends with lunch.

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