Summer Camp 2022

While Covid-19 is still among us- we can’t forget about Summer! This year we continued with our Summer program with a twist. While last years program was very educational, this year our main focus was to make the program interactive. We begin the day at 8:30 with breakfast and move to our groove with music time. Here the students “wake up!” We sing and dance to songs like itsy bitsy spider, Jack Hartman, and musical chairs. After music time, we do Story Time, in story time, the students familiarize themselves with classical fairytales such as Goldilocks and The 3 Little Bears, The 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood. They then proceed to turn it into a play and act it out in front of their peers. After the students will have a light snack and engage in physical education. Once they have finished p.e. they come inside and focus on Art. After art time the day ends with lunch.

Congrats to the class of 2022!

“Veni, Vidi, Vicci- I came. I saw. I conquered.”

We are ecstatic to share that this year we have had the biggest graduating class from high school. This group of wonderful students have walked through our doors since they were Kindergartners! It has been an honor to tutor and watch them excel throughout the years. We also have some student alumni’s who graduated as well who are included in the following post. Congratulations to all! We look forward to seeing what you will become!

A Summer Around the World 2021

The students at Mi C.A.S.A Education Inc went abroad last summer! While Covid-19 was not gone, our after school program was able to enjoy a 4-week summer session. We allowed a limited number of students into the building and social distanced, as well as took the correct protocols to enforce safety. (temperature checks, washing hands, wearing masks, etc) The programs schedule began by having breakfast, then there was an emphasis on science, culture, art, math and of course, physical education, we ended the day at noon by having lunch before dismissal. Students were separated by grade and in groups of no more than 4, one lead teacher and one aide helping daily. In science, students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly, the water cycle, ecosystems and animals. In culture we “traveled” to Uganda, London, Mexico, China. Our focus on art was based on the countries we traveled to- we explored Big Ben, pinatas, fine China, etc. In regards to art, we played games such as loteria, we tried English tea, we made homemade tortillas, pinatas with paper machè, and dragons. Our last day of program was full of fun, water bucket trivia, kickball, and of course water balloons!

Last day Fun!

Chinese cookies did NOT originate in China, rather in San Francisco.