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Education Cannot Wait!

School is the sanctuary. For many students, whether online or in person-at some capacity, school is their sanctuary.

Jairo S. (1st Grade) making slime!

With Covid-19 still on the horizon, our staff at Mi C.A.S.A Education Inc has adapted quite well these past few months. It has been approximately 6 months since the doors to our building opened back up to our students. While our building is not at capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are thrilled to see our children attend and continue to excel in the academics. Sanitation station and triage is still on-hand. Students must still wash their hands upon entering aswell as maintain 6 ft. apart. We have recently implemented Fun Friday, where the students enjoy a “day off” from learning. It is such a joy to hear the students laugh, although we cannot see their faces due to mask precautions, the gleam in their eyes says it all! There are various art projects that the students have made, some have made slime, while other choose to simply color or draw. We are trying to give the students as much normalcy as we can during this time of change.

We continue to inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill the love of learning.

Easter Crafts.

Leo G. (Kindergarten) and Sylvia H (Tutor) making slime!

Xochitl F (Tutor) with Crystal (3rd Grade)

Covid & Learning 2021

Any other given year Mi C.A.S.A Education has seen the many smiles of children walking through the front doors after Christmas break. This school has been different. While different is not always a bad thing, it has been an adjustment. Currently there are approximately 10 students, 4 teachers and 2 admin on site. This means students are completing much more than expected and individual tutoring has been extremely prosperous. Although we would love to have all of our students back at the program, we are doing everything we can to maintain a healthy and safe environment for all. All field trips have been cancelled this year. We will begin Fun Friday and continue with safety implementations (masks, sanitation, social distance) the last week of January. We are confident we are serving our students and the community to the best of our ability during this time of uncertainty.


While the recent pandemic did not forget about or program and students, we have prevailed as a whole and are learning to carry and normalize the day for our students as best as we can. We closed our doors indefinitely this past March at the beginning of the pandemic until the end of the school year and recently re-opened our doors for in-person learning along with our school district, once again, with safety precautions. Upon entering our building teachers, tutors and students are screened for any symptoms pertaining to Covid-19, (coughing, chest pain, runny nose) Once they are cleared they continue to their designated area of learning. Student are in groups of 4 per table and are kept at a distance of 6ft with barriers as guides. Areas such as restrooms, sinks, tables, chairs, and door knobs are sanitized after each use. We have decided to allow students who find school more challenging and require one-on-one help to attend Mi C.A.S.A after school. Doing so, we have less than half of our students attending everyday. This may not be the outcome we wanted at the beginning of the year, but with the tumultuous turn of events that have happened, we are confident this is the best and healthiest decision for all.